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How to play Planetary Hero Is Lost (P.H.I.L.)

The hero you choose starts the game driving in a found car. Pedals make the car go.
When car runs out of gas, the hero gets out of the car and sets off on foot.
Aliens attack the car and its life goes down. When the car runs out of life, the hero sets off on foot.
Aliens attack the hero when on foot and his/her life goes down. When hero's life is gone, the game is over.
The hero can kill Aliens (tap on an Alien or use the fire button to kill the closest Alien).
Depending on the weapon and the type of Alien, it can take 1 or more zaps to kill one.
Killed Aliens can leave behind Space Junk or rewards.
Tap the pink rewards to get more ammo, fuel or life.
Tap the purple Space Junk to add it to your stash.
You can trade Space Junk for more powerful weapons or upgrades in the Junkyard.
Your Space Junk collection can be seen at any time by pausing the game.
You can buy Space Junk in the Store.
The Store is located in the Junkyard.
Pick up hitchhikers and take them where they want to go.
Hitchhikers can give rewards of ammo, tune-up or fuel fill up if they get to their destination in time.
Hint: Moe doesn't care where he goes but he prefers the gas station.
Fix or refuel the car by getting the tool box or gas can from the service station and returning to the car.
Pausing the game will show useful status information, like the distance to the nearest gas station.
Reach the end and win the game. Good luck!

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