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Planetary Hero Is Lost (P.H.I.L.)

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Planetary Hero Is Lost (P.H.I.L) is a retro, sci-fi, side scrolling action game.

Back Story

Our hero has crashed on Earth, in Area 51, and is trying to get back to his home planet.

In July of 1947, a UFO crashed in Roswell New Mexico and was quickly spirited away to a secret base know as AREA 51 Nevada. Contrary to rumors the Alien Pilot was not found or captured … This is that Alien Pilot’s story.

The Alien Pilot, known on his home world as a P.H. (Planetary Hero) ejected from the ship before it crashed. The ship was damaged during a battle with an evil race of Cyborgs, known as M.E.C.H. (Merciless Evil Cyborg Horrors), bent on ruling the Universe. The Alien Pilot crash landed the escape pod into a junk yard somewhere in southern California deserts. The pilot sent a “P.H.I.L.” (Planetary Hero Is Lost) distress beacon and set out into the desert highways to recover and repair his ship. But the evil M.E.C.H.s and their robots are in hot pursuit. They will invade EARTH unless the Planetary Hero can recover the ship from AREA 51, stop them in time and finally return home.

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