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Squid Eye Entertainment, Inc. - incorporated 6/9/2014.

The idea for the company was hatched at Yan's Kitchen on 1/27/2014 by Stephen Pacheco and George Webber. Stephen and George had previously worked together at Sabroco Interactive, making multimedia applications, animated screen savers and games. This time around, they wanted to put their talents (Stephen: programming George: art) to work making video games. George brought some initial sketches and ideas for a game and ordered his usual, #19. They shook hands and the company, still to be named, was born.

Squid Eye Entertainment, Inc. was founded on June 9, 2014. Stephen funded the company by purchasing the first shares. Frank Sabella was the first board member, offering financial consulting. Marty Garrett was hired to create the audio tracks and contribute his gaming expertise.

Planetary Hero Is Lost (P.H.I.L.) - released 11/2/2015.

George came up with the name of the first game, Planetary Hero Is Lost (P.H.I.L.) and the intial concept. The initial beta version of the game for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch was tested on August 21, 2015. After much testing and feedback from players, the first Apple App Store version was released on November 2, 2015.

George Webber - art and game design

Stephen Pacheco - programming and marketing

Marty Garrett - game sounds, music and ideas

Frank Sabella - financial consulting

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